Specialty Products

Take Time for Tea is home to various tea products and accessories.

We specialize in the Irish Teas and accessories. Our products range from tea balls to full tea sets. Anything you need for an enjoyable cup of tea we can offer to you. Our tea consultants are constantly looking for new and exciting products for our clients.

We can provide tea cups and tea pots from all over the world. Take Time For Tea looks at the small designer as well as the more well known designers. One piece of china to the whole set is available through Take Time For Tea. If you do not see what you are looking for just ask we might be able to locate it for you.

Special blends of teas are our forte.

We hope to offer new as well as old favorites to widen your taste in teas. Our Tea of the month club is a great way to taste the world of tea throughout the year.

Savory delights are another area we can boast about.

The freshest ingredients are in our products. In the near future Take time For Tea will be marketing their own brand of tea and sweet delicacies for all to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy browsing our specialty products on line which is just a fraction of what we can offer you.

If you would like purchase an item that you see on our website or would like to see our full line of specialty products, please contact us at 610-356-1998 click here to send an e-mail.